STORK by Filstone


High end solutions. Nature’s perfection.

We offer high-end solutions, based on specialized know-how, magnifying the beauty and nobility of stone and cork, while respecting it.

Increased range of applications
New possibilities

Interior Walls

Ventilated Facades


Access Floors


Special Projects

by Stork

Over 50%
weight reduction

per square meter which leads to significant cost savings on transport and handling, resulting in lower installation times and easy maintenance and repair.

increase in thermal efficiency

when compared to a standard natural stone solution. Thermal insulation compatible with major insulation projects using cork.

reduction in noise transmission

when compared to a standard natural stone with the same thickness.

elastic recovery

with full structural integrity when submitted to local bending loads that originate deformations up to 3x the total thickness.

Up to 40%
savings of cost per project

compared to other standard stone facade solutions.

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