STORK by Filstone


STORK is an innovative solution of lightweight material with outstanding high resistance and durability.

Its physical and mechanical characteristics will promote a vast new range of applications for your projects using natural stone.

Interior Walls

STORK offers a choice of lightweight cladding or partition walls for new builds or renovations. Safe and easy to install on all types of substrates or partition substructures.

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Ventilated Facades

Versatile cladding for innovative and functional ventilated facade, balconies and sunblind solutions. Used on their own or in combination with other materials. Perfect to design singular effects and textures by using an invisible anchoring system.

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STORK flooring panels can be used to improve sound or thermal insulation. Installed on all types of substrate, including existing tiles, wooden floors, cement, gypsum and plasterboard. Other flooring applications on demand: Ship or Yacht decking and illuminated dance floors.

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Access Floors

Suitable for several loose lay access flooring systems according to the international technical requirements. Ideal for offices, the easy access to the underfloor area allows greater design flexibility, faster construction, workspace reconfiguration and rapid repairs.

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An appropriate option for soffits and suspended ceilings, STORK panels achieve a Group 1 fire rating and have great long-term thermal properties. Ideal for new and retrofit projects, easy to install with anchor systems, making installations fast and simple.

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Special Projects

Using flexibility as the main advantage in STORK.
From custom made facades, tables, kitchen tops or house equipment's to aeronautical applications.
We have the teams to match your needs.

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Huge Savings

Final cost of a project using STORK technology is significantly lower than using other market available lightweight solutions (i.e. honeycomb, etc), and provides significant added value.